Saturday 27 August 2016

Finally getting settled in......

Hello! I am finally getting a bit more back to a normal routine after my house move.  It has been hard not being able to stitch, as well as being without internet some of the time during the removal.  We are almost up and running as usual..... there have been a few hiccups.... a leak in the hot water system for one but, that has been resolved now and I am looking forward to getting caught up with you all again.

My first stitches when I had time to stitch them, were to catch up with the TAST stitches published by Sharon Boggon at Pintangle over the last two weeks.  The first stitch was week 51 and was buttonholed herringbone stitch.  You can see Sharon's tutorial for this stitch here.  As herringbone stitch is one of my favourite stitches, I really enjoyed this stitch.

The second stitch I had to catch up on was week 52 which was sheaf stitch. This is a very pretty and versatile stitch which I also enjoyed working. Sharon's tutorial for it is here.

Luckily the TAST group were having a four week break over the period of time when I was moving, so I only had those two stitches to catch up.  I wish I could say the same for the Splendid Sampler..... I have quite a number of blocks to catch up with.  Maybe I will just start from the next block and catch up the missed ones at a later date!

Nice to be back and I look forward to visiting your blogs again and seeing what you have all been up to!