Saturday 25 September 2021

In my sewing room this week.....

It has been quite a productive week in my sewing room this week.  Firstly, I added a few more hand stitches to the beautiful 'Trio of Alliums' template which is designed by Anne Brooke of H-anne-Made.

It has been lovely choosing the stitches to add to the bottom section of the hoop and it is such an easy project to pick up when you just have a few minutes to stitch! 

I have also managed to finish another project which I mentioned last time and which I uncovered when we moved.

It is a beautiful kit by Louise Nichols and I had a lot of fun stitching it.

The bees were great to make and they add such a lot to the final wall hanging.  I am very pleased to have it finished and hanging in my sewing room!

Since finishing that wall hanging, I have started on another pattern that I bought online as a PDF download from Deborah O'Hare of Quilt Routes.  I read through the pattern and discovered that as well as the full size image to make, there was also a mini version of the wall hanging to try, so I thought I would attempt that first.  

So far it is looking quite promising and I am looking forward to getting this finished too!  Then I can start on the bigger version!

Have a lovely week and until next time.....

Sunday 19 September 2021

What's been happening this week?

Well, not a lot of sewing has been happening this week as we have had another busy week of sorting out in the house after our move.

Another consignment of boxes, furniture, etc arrived from Switzerland but, luckily, we have managed to get it sorted through fairly quickly!

When I was sorting through and unpacking my sewing room boxes I rediscovered a little kit that I had started last year but hadn't got round to finishing.  It is a pretty 'Beehive' print designed by Louise Nichols which I really love and which I am keen to get finished now.

I have finished the quilting and just need to finish the little wall hanging and add the bees.  I am hoping to finish the bees off this afternoon.  This has been a lovely kit to work on.

Hope you're all having a creative weekend! 😊 xx

Sunday 12 September 2021

Since the last post.....

Since my last post there has been a lot happening.  Firstly, I did manage to add a few more stitches to my latest embroidery project which I showed you last time and, is a beautiful template called 'Trio of Alliums' designed by Anne Brooke of H-anne-Made.

However, mainly I have been packing up at one house.....

and saying goodbye there..... 

Then moving to another where I have been busy unpacking.....

The last of our boxes will arrive later on this coming week but I have managed to get my new sewing room quite well organised and I even managed to sew a couple of little tote bags for my two granddaughters who now only live half an hour away.

It has been so lovely to be able to see them and the tote bags were a big success with them!  They were made using a pattern by Vicki Elle.

Have a lovely weekend and until next time..... 😊 xx