Saturday 15 August 2020

Two more little finishes.....

Just popping by to share with you two more little finishes that I have had this week.  They are both relatively small projects which is exactly what has been needed as I have found it difficult to get motivated recently!!

The first is the little project that I had started and run out of thread for which I shared with you in my last post.  It is called 'Home Sweet Home' and is a pattern designed and shared by Laura Wasilowski.

The second is a little Japanese-inspired rice bag.  The idea for this bag came from a pattern I bought which was designed by K Z Stevens.  However, I adapted the pattern to suit myself, so mine is a little different to the pattern.  

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and until next time.....

Friday 7 August 2020

Some finishes to share.....

Hello! Hope you are all fit and well! Today, I thought I would share with you some finishes that I have achieved in the last month (since my last post!) or so!

First, as I mentioned last time I participated in a stitch-a-long designed by Sue Spargo and which she shared on Instagram and Facebook.  The pattern was called 'Toned Down Sampler' and consisted of 90 one inch circles which were then embellished with embroidery stitches which Sue released on a daily basis.  I have now finished this project including quilting and binding it.

If you do like Sue's work I should perhaps mention that she has announced a new stitch-a-long project which is to start at the end of August, so visit her on Instagram or Facebook to find out more!

I have also now finished another of the stitch-a-long projects that I mentioned last time called 'Queen Poppy'.  

This is a project designed and offered by Laura Wasilowski.  She has lots of marvellous stitch-a-long projects you can join in with on her blog including one called 'Pretty Spool' which is the latest.

I am currently working on another of her projects called 'Home Sweet Home' but I am waiting for some new thread as I ran out of the colour I was using!!

Next, after much deliberation, I decided that I just couldn't cut into my 2020 Challenge piece hosted by Anne Brooke of H-anne-Made, so in the end I just trimmed it up and made it into a small wall hanging.  I love this piece of work, there are so many details to look at!

Hope you've been able to stay creative!  Until next time.....