Saturday 27 March 2021

In the sewing room this week.....

This week I was sorting through my sewing room and found a little embroidery that I made some little while ago.  It was one that I drew and then stitched myself.  It was hanging on display but I wasn't totally happy with the look of it, so I decided that it needed an uplift.

I decided that it might look better if the wooden hoop it was displayed in was covered.  I found some self-adhesive fabric tape which I had in a drawer amongst my sewing things.

I wrapped the tape around the hoop and I really liked the addition.  It seems to bring the embroidery to life.

Next I added a couple more bunnies to my collection.  These next two bunnies were the larger size from the pattern designed by Jenny Paddon.

Then I decided I needed to add a medium-sized one to my little growing family and I adjusted the pattern and made this one.

I now have five little bunnies and I love them! Here they all are in a little family group!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and until next time.... 

Saturday 20 March 2021

Quite a productive week....

I have had quite a busy and creative week this week.  My first make was another card.  This one was a 'Thank You' card and what better way to say thank you than with a bunch of flowers.  I had a lot of fun making this one.

I also made another framed card as I had a second spare wooden frame and another space to fill on the wall on our landing.  So I made another little framed picture to hang as a compliment to the one I made previously and which I wrote about in my last post.

This one was of some flowers in a vase and I am pleased with how they both look on the landing.

Then I made some hanging tabs for a quilt that I actually made in 2019 but had not got round to hanging.  

I managed to find some fabric remnants which matched the binding and which were the perfect size to make the tabs.

The pattern is called 'All Aboard Wall Quilt' and is from Lynette Anderson's book 'Nautical Quilts'.

It is really nice to finally be able to hang this quilt as it is one I really enjoy looking at!!

Next I found a pattern I bought in 2017 and decided that it was time to make some of the adorable little bunnies it is a pattern for!  The pattern is designed by Jenny Paddon of The Makers Studio.

So far I have made two of the smaller size of bunny but I think a larger one may be next!!

Well, that's my week to date hope you have all found some creative projects to keep you busy!

Thank you for visiting and until next time 😊

Sunday 14 March 2021

Since the last post.....

So, what has been happening since the last post?  Well, apart from receiving the first dose of the Covid 19 vaccination, I have been busy continuing to make a few cards.

These are such fun little projects and have really been providing me with a lot of entertainment.

I decided I liked them so much that I would make a card with no greeting which I could frame.

This is now hanging upstairs on my landing and I enjoy looking at it each time I pass by!

Hope you all have a good week and thank you for visiting!!