Thursday 4 April 2024

A little late but here is my first post for 2024!!

It has been a while and life has been busy but I am finally getting round to my first post of 2024! I hope everyone has been keeping well and I am sorry if I haven't been to visit your blog and leave you a comment.  Life has been hectic!

I haven't been doing a lot of stitching which is why I haven't had any reason to post much although I haven't been idle either as I have been doing some crafting, watercolour painting and making folded paper books, which is a lot of fun.  Here are some photos of those projects.

I have now also finished a small wall hanging that I started last year.  It is from a pattern (called Allium and Lavender) by Vendulka Battais which I bought at the Malvern Quilt Show and is a companion wall hanging to one that I finished in November of last year and showed you here.  They both have the same background panel which I made using Vendulka's pattern but the tulip and forget-me-not appliqué and embroidery were my own design.

I made a few little changes/additions to the pattern and this is how it finished up.

The two wall hangings look nice together so now I will have to find somewhere to hang them.

Enjoy the rest of your week and until next time..... 😊