TAST Stitches 2017

This page will showcase the stitches I complete in 2017 for the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) Challenge being hosted by Sharon Boggon of Pintangle.

Carrying on from the stitches published by Sharon in 2016 the first stitch published in 2017 was Magic Chain Stitch.

Week 69: Magic Chain Stitch:

Week 70: Fancy Herringbone Stitch:

Week 71: Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch:

Week 72: Basque Stitch:

Week 73: Algerian Eye Stitch:

This stitch filled in the last spaces in my current sampler, so I have stretched it over a canvas and it is now hanging in my sewing room with the previous sampler I finished.

Week 74: Buttonholed Cable Chain Stitch:  A new sampler started for this week's stitch!

Week 75: Raised Herringbone Band:

Week 76: Whipped Chain Stitch: (both versions):

Chain stitch base with a single whipped stitch over
the entire stitch

Chain stitch base with both sides of each of the
stitches whipped independently

Week 77: Pistil Stitch:

Week 78: Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole Stitch:

Week 79: Whipped Spoke Stitch:

Week 80: Whipped Double Chain Stitch:

Week 81: Beaded Hedebo Edge Stitch:

Week 82 : Interlaced Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch:

Week 83: Beaded Oyster Stitch:

Week 84: Woven Cross Stitch:

Week 85: Breton Stitch:

Week 86: Knotted Cable Chain Stitch:

Week 87: Herringbone Square/Laced Herringbone Square:

Week 88: Sorbello Stitch:

Week 89: Wrapped Coral Stitch:

Week 90: Woven Trellis Stitch:

Week 91: Linked Double Chain Stitch:

Week 92: Closed Herringbone Stitch:

Week 93: Crested Chain Stitch:

Week 94: Portuguese Stem Stitch:

Week 95: Zig Zag Coral Stitch:

Week 96: Reversed Buttonhole Bar:

Week 97: Feather and Chain Stitch:

Week 98: Triple Chain Stitch:

Week 99: Woven Chained Bar Stitch:

Stitch 100 (the final stitch!): Drizzle Stitch:

And here is the final sampler stretched over canvas and made into a picture to hang alongside the two previous samplers.

Here they all are hanging in my sewing room together.

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