Projects 2021


No projects completed in January.


In order to try and kick start my creativity after ill health last year, I have started the year with some simple sewn card projects.

These are fairly quick and easy to stitch and are a lot of fun to make.

I am hoping that I will feel inspired to return to my more detailed sewing projects shortly.

This week I finished a few more cards and a macramé kit key fob....


The first few finishes in March have been more cards. 

I also decided to make a card with no greeting which would be suitable to frame.  This is now hanging on the landing.

I have added to my March finishes with another greetings card, this time a bunch of flowers to say 'Thank You'.

I also made another framed card into a picture to hang as a compliment to the one made previously.

This one was of some flowers in a vase and I am pleased with how they both look on the landing.

Then I made some hanging tabs for a quilt that I actually made in 2019 but had not got round to hanging.  

I managed to find some fabric remnants which matched the binding which was the perfect size to make the tabs.

It is really nice to finally be able to hang this quilt as it is one I really enjoy looking at!!

Next I found a pattern I bought in 2017 and decided that it was time to make some of the adorable little bunnies it is a pattern for!  The pattern is designed by Jenny Paddon of The Makers Studio.

So far I have made two of the smaller size of bunny but I think a larger one may be next!!

A few more finished projects to add for March.  The first is an old embroidery that I decided to give a new lift by recovering the hoop that it is framed in.

I used a self-adhesive fabric tape to bind the wooden hoop.

Next I did indeed make some more bunnies.  Firstly I made two of the larger sized rabbits from the pattern by Jenny Paddon.

Then I adjusted the pattern and made a medium bunny.

Here they all are sitting together as a little family.

My penultimate March finish was a little embroidery project.  This was a pre-printed template designed and drawn by Anne Brooke of H-anne-Made which I stitched.

I then covered the wooden hoop with yarn as a finishing touch ready for it to be hung.

The very last March finish were some handmade Easter cards.

April - June 

Sadly, my father passed away at the beginning of April so my creativity took a knock and no projects were completed.


Finally, I have started to feel more like sewing/crafting again and have managed to finish a pretty embroidery kit which was designed by Anne Brooke of H-anne-Made.  

I needed a first birthday card for my Great Nephew's birthday so I made one with a cute elephant design.


My first and last finish in August was a card for my eldest daughter's 30th birthday....


My first finish in September was a pair of tiny tote bags made for my two little granddaughters.

They were made using a pattern by Vicki Elle.

My next (and final) finish for September was a kit that I have been stitching on and off since some time last year.  It is a beautiful kit designed by Louise Nichols and I have really enjoyed finishing it off.


My first finish in October has been a trio of fabric boxes.  I made these using fabrics by Lynette Anderson and a pattern designed by Christina Cameli.  

They are a great and useful addition to my sewing room!

Another finish in October was the stitching on the beautiful
'Trio of Alliums' embroidery designed by Anne Brooke of HanneMade.

Really happy with this embroidery and looking forward to getting it finished off ready to hang.

The next finish in October is a miniature landscape designed by Deborah O'Hare of Quilt Routes.  I used a facing to finish this little quilt.


My only finish in November was to get the 'Trio of Alliums' embroidery hoop finished on the back.  It is now hanging on my wall!


I have managed to finish a little 'House' project which developed from a block I made at an online workshop with Jo Avery. I have added an envelope backing so that it can be used as a cushion.

However, I thought that finishing it this way also looked like a 'facing' on a quilt, so I was also able to use it as a miniature wall hanging.

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