Wednesday 27 September 2017

A couple of small finishes.....

It is still busy, busy here but, my two daughters have both now returned to university so, I am expecting that I will have a little more time to myself the next few weeks and I may just have a little more time to visit with you all.

Today I would like to show you the finished picture that I made using my final TAST sampler which I shared with you earlier in the month.

The third picture is now proudly hanging on my sewing room wall with the other two.  I am very pleased with how they all look together.

I have also framed the Laura Wasilowski inspired embroidery that I recently finished. That is also hanging on my sewing room wall and is a firm favourite with me!

I am very pleased that, although I haven't had much time to stitch the last few months, I have managed to add a couple of pretty pictures to my sewing room! Hope you are all finding some time to stitch! Until next time....

Friday 15 September 2017

My latest embroidery project.....

As those of you who follow my blog know, I have had a very busy Summer this year, with not much time to stitch.  However, I recently saw a beautiful embroidery design on Facebook which I just couldn't resist stitching my own version of.

The original design is by Laura Wasilowski of Artfabrik.  I love Laura's designs and I have her wonderful book 'Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts' on my bookshelf.  The quilts and projects Laura designs are always full of colour and they always include an element of hand-stitching which I love.

This particular project is a hand-stitched embroidery landscape and I think was designed by Laura as a workshop to practice hand stitches.  Sadly, I don't live close enough to participate personally in one of Laura's workshops but, I do have a couple of her Craftsy classes and I have really enjoyed them.

I love how this little embroidery has turned out and I can't wait to get into my sewing room to turn it into a quilt.

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Take-A-Stitch-Tuesday: The Final Stitches!

The TAST Challenge is hosted by Sharon Boggon at Pin Tangle and the very last stitch of the Challenge is the week 100 stitch which was released by Sharon today!  I was very excited as the stitch that Sharon has chosen to finish the TAST Challenge with is Drizzle Stitch, which is one of my very favourite stitches.  It is such a lot of fun!

I added two versions of the stitch to my sampler.  The first using a very pale green hand dyed crochet cotton and the second using a variegated fine silk thread.  The second version also had a seed bead added.

I have used drizzle stitch in projects earlier in the year.  You may recall the little wool quilt project that I completed in April.  Some of the embroidered wool circles had drizzle stitches in the centre.

You can find Sharon's excellent tutorial for drizzle stitch here.

There are a couple of stitches that I have completed since I last wrote about TAST which I haven't yet shown you.  These are:

Triple Chain Stitch which I added to my sampler with variegated fine silk thread and

Woven Chained Bar Stitch also stitched using variegated fine silk thread. (If you click on the stitch names you will be taken to Sharon's tutorials for the stitches).

I am really pleased to have taken part in this wonderful Challenge and would like to express a huge thank you to Sharon Boggon for her generosity in sharing all the beautiful stitches. My last sampler will now be stretched over a canvas and made into a picture to join the other two that I have made since the start of the Challenge.  If you feel inspired to try the TAST Challenge for yourself Sharon will be re-running the Challenge starting from January 2018.  You can find out more details of how to get involved here.

I think it is going to make a perfect addition! Thank you for visiting me here.... until next time!