Projects 2022


My first finish for 2022 and my only finish so far this year was a kit that I was given as a gift by my daughter.  It is a little kit designed by Corrine Lapierre of a Highland Cow.  It was a quick and fun project to stitch.


This month I finished a pretty Spring table runner inspired by a photo I had seen online of a project designed by AnnAKa a Norwegian designer.

I also took an online course with
Cat Rowe of Textile Illustration and made a really pretty little textile picture using free motion embroidery.


My first finish this month is my Sea Hollies Embroidery Kit. This was designed by
Amy Butcher of Beaks and Bobbins and was a lot of fun to stitch.

Looking forward to getting is trimmed and framed now!

And a photo of it after I framed it. Not the best photo in the World but you get the idea!


My first finish this month was a dressing up costume for my granddaughters.  My version of 'Moana'. I think they'll enjoy playing with it and it was fun to make!


It has been a busy month so I have only had time to work on ongoing projects as far as stitching is concerned.  However, I have had time to make a few homemade cards which I am pleased with.

A few more cards have been added to those already made in May....


June has been a busy month again, so no new finishes to show but I have been working on some ongoing projects as well as trying my hand at a new hobby.... art journalling. Here are two pages I have finished so far....


In July I managed to finish two of the ongoing projects that I have been working on.

I completed two identically pieced baby quilts for my two new great-nieces, Isla and Elodie.

Although these were pieced identically, I chose to quilt them differently so that there are some differences between them.

They also had different backing fabrics although the style was very similar.

Don't expect too many new finishes over the next few weeks as I am just about to move house!  Wish me luck!


This month because of my house month I haven't had much time to complete sewing/quilting projects but I have managed to get a few more 'Art Journal' pages completed.

They are a lot of fun and have been easy to achieve when sewing has been difficult to do with the house up-side-down.

Another finished art journal page....

The last finish of August was another completed art journal page.


September has started with some work being done on several ongoing projects as far as stitching is concerned, so no finishes on the sewing front.  However, I have managed to finish a number of art journal pages in the first few days of September.  This new craft is really rather addictive.  Here they are....

A couple more art journal pages completed this week....


October has also started with some work on my ongoing projects so no finishes so far to see as regards stitching projects.  However, I have finished some more Art Journal Pages.  The inspiration for these comes mainly from Vicky Papaioannou of Clips n Cuts.

One of my ongoing projects has been finished and I have a sewing project as my last finish for October.  This is my Metro Tiles Quilt which is a pattern designed by Gourmet Quilter.

I am really happy to have it finished and I love how it looks both back and front!


My first finish for November is another small quilt which I started in 2017!!  Very pleased to have this little quilt completed!


This isn't really a true finish but I have added free motion quilting to an older quilt that I made in 2015.  It will probably be my last sewing project for this year.


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