Monday 29 June 2015

CQJP Challenge 2015: Finished June Block

Hello! Today I would like to share with you my finished June block for the CQJP Challenge 2015.  The CQJP Challenge is hosted by Kathy Shaw and, showcases lots of beautiful blocks made each month by all the participants. If you are at all interested in crazy quilting, I highly recommend a visit to the blog to have a look. Just click on the link above or the button on the right hand side bar of my blog.

Here is my basic block for June when I first pieced it together.

Now it has been embellished this is what it looks like.

As well as embroidering all of the seams with different stitch combinations, I also embroidered some flowers in the different shapes of the block, including a couple of big daisies.

One of these was embroidered with threads and the other was a silk ribbon daisy with a centre made up of colonial knots.

I also tried out a new embroidery technique to stitch the leaves surrounding these little blanket stitch flowers and I was pleased with them. I also added some beads and sequins and as a finishing touch a watering can button!

As today is Monday, I am linking this post with Super Mom - No Cape! for her 12th stitchery link up.  Don't forget to pop across and see the other beautiful stitchery projects there.

Friday 26 June 2015

Too busy for farm girl blocks....

Today should be a Farm Girl Friday day but, I haven't got any new farm girl blocks to show you! I have been busy working on other projects this week, so I am hoping that I will get caught up with the week nine Farm Girl Vintage blocks over the next week.  I have been telling myself that I am ahead of the SAL anyway as the week nine blocks haven't appeared on Lori's blog yet and that means I have all of this coming week to make them! 

So, what have I been working on this week instead? Well, I have signed up for two more Crazy Quilt Classes with Kathy Shaw.  The classes are sections of the Intermediate Crazy Quilt Class.  I have already completed section 101 which covers the design and construction of crazy quilt blocks. The two sections I am now participating in are 103 Embellishing with Threads and 107 Miniature Silk Ribbon Embroidery Flowers.

There is going to be a lot of stitching involved and I can't wait to get started!! So far this week I have just been preparing the base blocks for both sections and it has been fun!

I have also signed up for a new Craftsy class to try and improve my free motion quilting (FMQ) further.  If you have been following my blog for some time, you will know that I took an online class with Craftsy last year to work on my FMQ.  I made quite good progress but I would like to take it to the next level if that is possible.  The new class is with Christina Cameli and is called Free Motion Quilting Essentials

This week I have completed lesson one and I am pleased with my progress to date!  I will be keeping track of my progress in an online diary page which you can find on the right hand sidebar of this blog.  There are some photographs in there from last year's class, so I will be able to compare and see how I am getting on! Promise not to look too closely! 

Hope you all have a fun weekend with lots of stitching!! 

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Gail Pan Patterns: June Link Up

Hello! Today it is time to share with you my June project for the 'Gail Pan Patterns Sew-a-long' hosted by Martina at Sunshine Quilting.

This month I took my project from a book published by Gail in 2009 called 'Baskets in Bloom'.  

The project is called 'Little Basket Blue'.  In the book Gail stitched the design in a variegated blue thread, added some borders and then framed it.

I also stitched the design in variegated thread but, as I didn't have a frame to hand, I just added some borders (using some of Gail's Basket in Bloom fabric) layered the top with some batting and backing and made it into a small wall hanging.

It is a very pretty design and the thread which, is one of my favourite Stef Francis' silk threads, really blends well with the fabric. 

I added a few little buttons too and I am pleased with the overall result.

Sadly, this is the last link up at Martina's for this sew-a-long, so do pop over and have a look at all the other beautiful projects.

However, the good news is that from next month Martina is hosting a new sew-a-long which will include any patchwork with stitchery pattern and which will be great fun to join in!  I am hoping to have some projects to share from time to time!  You are all free to join in too, if you would like to. Here is the button which takes you to where Martina has published details.

Monday 22 June 2015

Stitchery Link Up - Le Jardin Quilt

Today it is time for another stitchery link up over at Super Mom - No Cape! This week, I would like to share with you a project which I stitched over nearly a year.  It is a beautiful quilt for which the embroidery patterns were designed and generously shared by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly Designs.  

Here are some photographs of my finished quilt which I first posted about here

The patterns are still available for download on the Red Brolly blog if you are interested in making a quilt yourself. 

Closer photographs of each of my individual blocks, which were originally published by Bronwyn on a month by month basis, can be found here.

Why not pop across to visit Super Mom - No Cape! and see who else has linked up an embroidery project!

Friday 19 June 2015

Farm Girl Friday: Week Eight!

Yes, Friday has come round again and that means it is time for the next Farm Girl Vintage blocks.  This week is week eight and the blocks are 'Farm Fresh Flower' and Farmhouse. The 'Farm Fresh Flower' block went together very easily and I like how it looks.

Farm Fresh Flower Block

The 'Farmhouse' block required more piecing but went together quite smoothly.  You do have to pay attention if you are using a directional fabric for the roof and/or the main house fabric to make sure everything is facing right direction where the triangles are added above the upstairs windows. Just double check before you cut off any excess fabric (ask me how I know!!)

Farmhouse Block

Do go and have a look at Lori's blog to see what she has done with these blocks this week and, don't forget the Farm Girl Vintage schedule of blogs to visit over at the Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber.  Today's bloggers are Spun Sugar Quilts and Grey Dogwood Studio.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Week seven blocks complete....

Just quickly popping in today to show you my finished blocks for week seven of the Farm Girl Vintage sew-a-long.  The blocks for this week were....

'Crops Block' and....

'Egg Basket Block'

They were great fun to piece and if you want some great extra ideas how to use the blocks pop across to Lori's blog. Now I am ready for week eight's blocks which, will be shared by Lori on Friday.

Monday 15 June 2015

Monday Stitchery Link Up

Today it is time for the tenth stitchery link up over at Super Mom - No Cape!  For my project today, I thought  I would share with you an embroidery project that I drew and then stitched when I was fairly new to the blogging world in 2013. I first posted about it here.

It is a cute little garden scene which I really loved stitching as I tried to include areas for lots of different embroidery stitches.  The design includes lazy daisy flowers, back stitch, running stitch, french knots, blanket stitch, cross stitch and a couple of others.

When I had finished the embroidery I framed it using a hoop but in order to add some extra interest to the hoop I covered the wood by wrapping it with some variegated thread.  I really liked the effect.

I sent it to a friend as a gift and, it  still remains one of my favourite little embroidered pictures.

If you would like to stitch your own version of this pattern you can download my sketch here.

Friday 12 June 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Week 7!

Today of course it is Friday and that means it is time for the next Farm Girl Vintage Sew-a-long blocks.

It is week seven of the sew-a-long and the blocks this week are the 'Crops Block' and the 'Egg Basket Block'. I have my fabrics all cut out ready to complete the blocks over the next few days.  If you want to have a look at some finished blocks for inspiration, you can visit the sites listed on The Fat Quarter Shop's Farm Girl Vintage Schedule.  This week's blogs on the schedule are Nana Company for the Crops Block and Pink Pincushion for the Egg Basket Block.  There are some lovely blocks and ideas to look at!

I would have finished my blocks to show you if I hadn't decided to crochet a couple more owls. Since my last post when I showed you some crocheted owls I had made, one for my daughter and the other for a friend of my son, I realised that the mini owl that I made was not as mini as the owl pictured above which I made last year.  This was the size of owl that my daughter wanted so, I decided I would make another one and here it is....

It is now on its way to my daughter.  While I had my crochet hooks out I also made one for my niece and that is also in the post.  I hope they will like them!

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Emily's Owl!

A few days ago I was skyping with my son and his girlfriend. They happened to be visiting at a friend's house when I called.  This friend is called Emily and, while I was talking to them, Emily made a request for an owl.  Well, who I am to refuse an owl request?  

I swapped my embroidery needle for a crochet hook and I got started on the owl.  These cute little owls which, I make using a pattern which appeared as a free tutorial on the Hopscotch Lane blog, some years ago now, are quick and easy to make.  A few hours later and Emily's owl was ready.  

While I had the yarn and my crochet hook out I remembered that, some while ago, I had also promised my youngest daughter a 'mini' owl.  I make these using an adaption of the same pattern.  I quickly finished this second little owl and they are both now ready to post off to their new homes!

Monday 8 June 2015

June Snow Happy Heart Block

I have been having so much fun putting together the background blocks to go with the Snow Happy Heart patterns designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs and, I had already decided and pieced together my background for June's heart before the pattern was released.

June's heart was decorated with a really cute little snow lady holding a number of gifts and, although she was lovely, the gifts didn't really co-ordinate with what I had embroidered for the background on my June block, so I changed her slightly.

On my block background, as well as the month, I had embroidered the word 'Butterfly' together with three little butterflies which, I felt were nice and 'summery' for the month of June.  When I saw the heart applique design I had the idea to replace the gifts with some more butterflies.

I decided that I wanted to try and keep to the original design as much as I could, so I kept the snow lady exactly as she should be and then just used the bows from the gifts as each of the top set of wings for my butterflies leaving out the appliqued gift boxes.  I added a smaller second set of wings and filled in the embroidered outline with satin stitches. I really like how they turned out.

After I had finished my June block, I was also excited to piece together all the blocks so far so that I could see what the quilt really looks like to date.  I am really delighted with how this quilt is shaping up.

As today is Monday, I am linking this post to the stitchery link up hosted by Super Mom No Cape!

Saturday 6 June 2015

Farm Girl Vintage: Week Six!

After having to sew quite a large number of blocks together last week in order to catch up, it was relatively easy this week to keep up with the blocks for week six of the Farm Girl Friday Sew-a-long.

Week Six: Corn and Tomatoes Block

The blocks this week are called 'Corn and Tomatoes' and 'Country Crossroads'.  They were nice and straightforward to piece and Lori's instructions from her book are very easy to follow.

Week Six: Country Crossroads Block

Why not pop across to Lori's blog to see what she has shared for the sew-a-long this week.

Friday 5 June 2015

June's Snow Happy Heart Pattern

It is the fifth day of June and that can only mean one thing..... the release of the next Snow Happy Heart Pattern from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs!

June's pattern is another cute little 'snow lady' carrying a bundle of prettily wrapped presents.  She is very cute and I have my pattern all printed out and ready to get started on.

I can't wait to add this block to my quilt as it is the sixth block and finishes the second row of the quilt. It means, when I have finished it, I will be able to sew all six blocks together and really get a feel for how the finished quilt will look.  This is how it is looking so far...

I think this month I may tweak the design on the heart just a little to make it slightly more 'summery' so that it fits in more with my background idea for the month. That is all that I am saying for now.... you will have to wait and see what I am planning! 

Wednesday 3 June 2015

A few higgledy-piggledy days.....

About ten days ago my little female dog, Poppy, ruptured her knee ligament.  She was running around in the park chasing her brother, Dexter, one minute and hopping on three legs the next.  Ten days and several visits to the vet later, it was time for her to go in and have an operation to replace the ligament (that was yesterday).  She stayed in overnight, so I haven't seen her yet!  I shall be going to collect her later on this afternoon.

The recovery from the operation is going to be a long time.  The first month she is not allowed out of the house..... except into the garden (on a lead) for five minutes for a comfort break. Then gradually her exercise will have to be slowly increased depending on her body's speed of recovery.  The whole process may take up to four months before we are back into a normal routine.

Since the day the knee ligament ruptured, there has been a lot of coming and going to the vet, she hasn't been able to walk very well and, the days have all seemed a bit higgledy-piggledy.  It has meant there has not been so much time for sitting and stitching but, I have found time here and there to get some preparation done for when we are more confined to the house. 

Starting with making a couple of new base crazy quilt blocks ready for embellishment.... not sure which one I will embellish first to be my June CQJP block.

I have also cut the fabric for my next two Farm Girl Vintage blocks together with a new quilt top using a pattern I found in a magazine (I'll show you more later) made from Tilda fabrics.

Lastly, I have picked out some fabrics and prepared my embroidery project for the next Gail Pan Sew-a-long link-up over at Martina's blog.

Well, not long now until it is time to go and get Poppy and I can't wait to give her a cuddle!!