Friday 11 September 2020

A forgotten finish!

Hello! I was having a browse through my latest blog posts when I realised that I had forgotten to show you my finished 'Sew a Little Happiness Every Day' Sampler quilt.  The idea behind this quilt came from the lovely Sarah of Pretty Fabrics and Trims, who started a sew-a-long earlier in the year in order to create something positive in the rather trying circumstances we have found ourselves in.  You can read her original blog post about it here

I really loved the idea behind the project and found it a lot of fun to add some stitching every day to the grid that I had drawn. I showed my progress along the way in earlier blog posts here and here

I eventually decided that I had added enough embroidery to the project and, leaving some spaces free so that the whole thing didn't look too busy, I set about layering it into a quilt and adding some machine quilting.  I then added some binding and I am really pleased with it.  It is never to late to start a project like this, so why not sew a little happiness for yourself?

Since finishing this little quilt I had my daughter to stay for a few weeks so, I haven't chosen a new project yet to start on, which means I don't have much else to show you apart from a little quilted camera case which I made for myself last week.  It is for the new camera that I had for my birthday recently.

Have a lovely weekend and until the next time.....