Tuesday 27 August 2013

Weekend stitching!

This past weekend I worked on another embroidery project that I drew myself.  Actually, I drew it quite a while ago. It was intended to be the third small embroidery block I had planned to stitch for a small wall quilt project that I had in mind. I called it my 'Garden' quilt.  However, in the end, I only used the first two embroideries....

and this is the wall quilt that I made them into.

The third drawing was set aside for a later date.  This past weekend was that later date!  Here it is all trimmed up and ready to be transformed into a mini wall quilt.

As it will be made into a quilt on its own, I added a few more details than I had originally drawn. I also used a combination of cotton embroidery floss and variegated silk embroidery thread to complete the stitching. I have quite a number of stitcheries ready to make into mini quilts now so, I'd better stop embroidering and start choosing fabrics to go with them all!!


  1. I like all your stitcheries! Your own designs are very good!

  2. Very cute designs Christine! Your stitching is divine. Very pretty.