Monday, 19 August 2013

How was your weekend?

I hope it was as sunny and relaxed as mine was!  I had a lovely weekend with plenty of time for ideas, sketching and stitching.  I have really caught the bug for stitchery recently and, each time I finish one project, I am ready to move onto the next.  This weekend I used the time I had to myself to draw several more little pictures which I could transform into stitcheries. Firstly, I drew an outline sketch in pencil, made any changes that I wanted to and, I then used a pen to ink over them so that I would be able to trace them more easily through the background fabric ready for embroidering.

Once I had traced them onto the background fabrics I had chosen, I fused some fusible interfacing onto the back.  This helps to stop any thread ends at the back of the embroidery showing through to the front.  Then I hooped them in an embroidery hoop and stitched and stitched!  Here are the resulting embroideries.

My first sketch was the cow as I wanted to embroider something with a Swiss feel but, once I had drawn and embroidered her, I wanted to do something else and, as you can see, my mind then went along a farm animal route!  I think I may have to do a litle piggy as well, just to complete the set!

They are all trimmed up and ready to be made into mini wall hangings.  I just have to choose some fabrics (I love auditioning fabrics!) to go with them and put them together.  I'll show you when I have finished!!


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