Friday 15 July 2022

Great Nieces' Quilts and a new hobby.....

It continues to be busy here with the preparations for moving house.  However, I have now finished and sent off the two quilts that I have been working on and teasing you with snippets of!!

We have just had two new additions to our family.  My brother-in-law's two daughters have both just had new babies. So I have two new great nieces and we are delighted to welcome them into the family.

I decided to make them each an a quilt.  The piecing for the quilts was identical but I used different backing fabric and I quilted them with different designs so that they will be able to tell them apart.

It was a lot of fun deciding how to quilt them and I enjoyed making them both immensely.  They have both now been received and I think that my nieces are both very happy with them.

Since finishing the quilts I decided to have a bit of a break from the sewing machine and I started a new hobby (dangerous I know!) It's really an extension from making some of the handmade card that I sometimes make, so I haven't needed to add too many new supplies to my craft room (lol!)

My inspiration came from a lovely lady that I have seen online called Vicky Papaioannou whose art journal pages are gorgeous.  You can find her blog here

She has an active You Tube channel and I based my first page (pictured above) on one of her 101 Tutorial Videos.

So lovely to have a break from organising 'stuff' for moving but I am off back to organising now!

Until next time 😊 xx