Friday 15 July 2022

Great Nieces' Quilts and a new hobby.....

It continues to be busy here with the preparations for moving house.  However, I have now finished and sent off the two quilts that I have been working on and teasing you with snippets of!!

We have just had two new additions to our family.  My brother-in-law's two daughters have both just had new babies. So I have two new great nieces and we are delighted to welcome them into the family.

I decided to make them each an a quilt.  The piecing for the quilts was identical but I used different backing fabric and I quilted them with different designs so that they will be able to tell them apart.

It was a lot of fun deciding how to quilt them and I enjoyed making them both immensely.  They have both now been received and I think that my nieces are both very happy with them.

Since finishing the quilts I decided to have a bit of a break from the sewing machine and I started a new hobby (dangerous I know!) It's really an extension from making some of the handmade card that I sometimes make, so I haven't needed to add too many new supplies to my craft room (lol!)

My inspiration came from a lovely lady that I have seen online called Vicky Papaioannou whose art journal pages are gorgeous.  You can find her blog here

She has an active You Tube channel and I based my first page (pictured above) on one of her 101 Tutorial Videos.

So lovely to have a break from organising 'stuff' for moving but I am off back to organising now!

Until next time 😊 xx


  1. Both the nieces quilts are lovely …
    Enjoy your new hobby , looks gorgeous.
    Maria lifeontheblock.

  2. Those quilts are SO sweet! Two very lucky little girls to cuddle with them. Congratulations.
    I am sorry. I am not going to check that link for the art journal pages because I know there's a good chance I will succumb and I don't need any more passions. I will content myself with admiring your efforts.

  3. Two beautiful quilts. Have fun with your paper art.

  4. Congratulations on the birth of your 2 great nieces. The quilts are beautiful. Made with love. I love your card. I hear it is very hot over there at the moment. Hope you are coping ok.

  5. The quilts are beautiful and your quilting gorgeous.....

  6. Both quilts are beautiful Christine. Your happy card is lovely too. xx

  7. such girly little quilts that'll be loved to shreds i'm sure!


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