Sunday, 26 June 2022

Since my last post....

Another week has flashed past and what have I been doing in my sewing room?  Well, mainly I have been working on my two 'secret' projects.  I am making two identical quilts for two very special people.  In fact, they are nearly finished, so it won't be long before they have been given to the recipients and I can show you the whole quilts.

This week I have been working on the quilting for the second quilt which I have now completed and I am very pleased with.

I used Tilda fabrics which I think are just perfect for the job and, although I have pieced the two quilts identically, I decided that I would quilt them differently.

Firstly, on one the blocks have been quilted with straight lines using my walking foot,

while on the other I quilted with free motion quilting in an 'orange peel' design.

The first quilt had the sashing quilted with straight lines combined with 'ribbon candy' free motion quilting,

while the second had the straight lines combined with 'swirls'.

Lastly, on the first quilt the outer border was quilted using free motion 'pebbles' and 'swirls',

while the outer border on the second had straight line quilting.

I have started binding them both now and I have done that differently for each one too! The first I am hand finishing,

while the second I am finishing on the machine!  It is nice to change things about so the stitching doesn't get too monotonous!

I am hoping to have them finished this week! Then they can be sent off and I can show you the full quilts!

Until next time.... 😊xx


  1. How fun is that! Makes me want to make 2 quilts everytime now, so that I have 2 options! Well done my friend.

  2. I'm sure the recipients of these quilts will be thrilled to give them a new home and to have a piece of your artistry of their own.

  3. Looks as though you are having fun with this project. I love how you quilted them, appreciate the inspiration, and look forward to seeing the completed quilts! XO, Kaholly

    1. Thank you Karen. I have been having a lot of fun with the quilts and I am looking forward to getting them finished and posted off! Christine xx

  4. Looking forward to seeing the quilts. Beautiful quilting you’ve done on them….

    1. Thank you very much! I am nearly finished now, so not long before I can show the whole quilts! Christine xx

  5. Hello, the quilt is very nicely quilted, I like the idea to quilt the two identical quilts differently. So every quilt has a peculiarity. You have a very nice blog. I think it's very nice to have met you today at the Zoom meeting, see you soon Marika

  6. those quilts are just gorgeous........beautiful quilting


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