Saturday 24 July 2021

Finally a creative finish!

It has been another while since my last post and, it as been a busy period of time.  We have just returned from a visit to the UK.  This was primarily to visit relatives (my father-in-law is in his nineties and suffering from Parkinson's Disease and we hadn't seen him for over 18 months) and was quite complicated with all the restrictions still in place at the time.  

We started off by quarantining with our son for a week.  Within the week we had to have four PCR covid tests.  One before leaving and three while there.  It did give us the opportunity to see our two little granddaughters (pictured above) which was lovely.  We then travelled to stay with my father-in-law and it was lovely to see him after such a long time and nice to be able to give him some much needed help.

During the travelling and visiting I worked on an embroidered piece that I started back in May. It is a lovely kit that was designed by Anne Brooke of H-anne-Made.

After we had visited my father-in-law we travelled to stay with my eldest daughter from where we were able to visit my mother who is on her own since the sad passing of my father in April. I continued to work on the embroidery while I was there too.

We were also able to arrange for my father's ashes to be interred while I was there. I was glad to have been able to be present.

Our return journey involved more covid testing and a very long drive across France from the UK to Switzerland.  We started at off at 6.00 am (UK time) and arrived at home at 8.30 pm (Swiss time).  Over thirteen hours (with stops) of driving time.  This gave me the opportunity to finish off the beautiful embroidery project.

This week as well as completing a mountain of washing and ironing from our trip, I have tidied up the back of the hoop and hung it on the wall.  I am very pleased with it!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 😊 xx