Monday 8 August 2022

Getting settled into my new home.....

I am sure you will understand that there hasn't been a lot of sewing going on here as we have spent the past couple of weeks getting moved out of one house and into another.  The house we moved from was only a temporary house which we were renting, so there was a lot of cleaning and sorting out to do there before we could start on the unpacking at the new house.  We had also had our youngest daughter and her boyfriend living with us so their belongings had to be separated from ours as they have now moved into a different flat of their own.

The keys have now been handed back and we are in the new house.  It is lovely to be back in a house that belongs to us where you can add all the finishing touches that you want to and which makes it really feel like home.

Of course after getting the main rooms of the house sorted my attention turned to my sewing room.  It is always a difficult room to pack and unpack as there are so many little bits and pieces (all essential).  In the 31 years that I have been married I have moved house 16 times, including 6 international moves (and no my husband isn't in the armed forces!) but finally this house is the forever house.  Here is how my sewing room looks after I unpacked the last box yesterday and I can't wait to have the opportunity to get in there and use it!!

It has been lovely rediscovering items that I had forgotten I had as they have been in storage for a year.  I have to confess that I think there may be a few additional items that have been added during the year that the other items have been stored, so finding a home for everything wasn't easy!  Don't expect me to open that wardrobe in the corner!!  It was nice to hang some pieces on the walls.

Hopefully next time I will have had time to get some sewing done!  Until then..... 😄


  1. 16 moves - I just can't wrap my head around that one. You must be a pro by now! Your new sewing studio looks spacious and bright and I'm sure you will spend a lot of happy hours creating pretties in there.

  2. I like the look of your new sewing room. Good Luck in your new home.

  3. You are organised, Christine. Love all that storage space!
    Good luck in your new house!
    Barbara xx aka Flashing Scissors. 😁👍

  4. Wow! A marathon event I reckon lol. Your sewing room is so neat and tidy. Love your embroideries displayed. I am exhausted just thinking of everything you have done lol.

  5. how blessed you are to have such a lovely place....very bright and inviting...lots of sewing will get done no doubt

  6. What a lovely sewing room! Looks so comfy and well organized. A place where lots of creativity can take place!

  7. I hope you don't get bored with your forever home....... Lol
    What a wonderful space for your sewing room..... Lots of storage..... Have fun creating in there...


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