Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A couple of small finishes.....

It is still busy, busy here but, my two daughters have both now returned to university so, I am expecting that I will have a little more time to myself the next few weeks and I may just have a little more time to visit with you all.

Today I would like to show you the finished picture that I made using my final TAST sampler which I shared with you earlier in the month.

The third picture is now proudly hanging on my sewing room wall with the other two.  I am very pleased with how they all look together.

I have also framed the Laura Wasilowski inspired embroidery that I recently finished. That is also hanging on my sewing room wall and is a firm favourite with me!

I am very pleased that, although I haven't had much time to stitch the last few months, I have managed to add a couple of pretty pictures to my sewing room! Hope you are all finding some time to stitch! Until next time....


  1. Pretty stitching as always Christine, these samplers are fabulous and look great on your sewing room wall. I like the colour and design of the Laura Wasilowski piece.

  2. Your framed stitcheries look very nice on your walls! I am sure you will find some time to stitch again, soon.

  3. Love all your framed stitcheries very much! What a great accomplishment!
    Hugs Martina

  4. Your little samplers look so pretty all together and are perfect for your sewing room! The tree embroidery is especially lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next when you have more time for stitching. Happy sewing!

  5. Everyone should have some Homemade Happy in their home. Seems sad to me that some don't. I really like your little tree picture. Summer has been busy for me as well. I'm looking forward to getting back to sewing as well. Janita

  6. Lookin' great! Now the question arises - will there be a fourth sampler?? We await the answer....

  7. It is quite different to the others, but they really all do go together so well. Your tree looks beautiful framed

  8. love the tree design, yes it is totally different from others.


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