Saturday 7 August 2021

Stitching progress....

As always seems to be the case, it has been busy here but, in the quiet times between the busyness, I have been enjoying watching some of the events from the Tokyo Olympics as well as adding a few stitches to my latest embroidery project. 

After finishing the embroidery kit designed by Anne Brooke of H-anne-Made which I showed you in my last post, I started another of her template designs called  'Trio of Alliums'

As suggested by Anne, I started with some of the plant fronds in the background and stitched them using a fly stitch in a pale green cotton embroidery floss.

Then I stitched the flower stems using a darker green cotton embroidery floss and a stem stitch.

Now I have started work on the flower heads.  I stitched the dark purple pistil stitch petals first and then added more pistil stitches in a variegated thread.  Both of these threads were cotton perlé (8).

I added some french knots into the centre of the flower heads using the same threads and, I am looking forward to getting the flower heads finished and then adding a variety of stitches to the background over the coming week.

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend..... until next time 😊


  1. Your latest project is so pretty! I can certainly see why it would appeal to you. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  2. Such a pretty piece you are working on with many different stitches….

  3. Just beautiful Christine, you do lovely stitching . ❤

  4. Your stitchery is lovely Christine. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Christine xx

  5. How beautiful! I love her designs but have not yet bought any. I think I need to look again as you have inspired me.

  6. Your work is beautiful & I love those colours.
    Stay safe...xox