Birthday Block Swap 2015

This page is a record of the birthday blocks I made for friends in the Craft Cafe Birthday Block Swap and also those that I received.

No birthdays in January!

I made a 'Monkey Wrench' Block in green/blue

For Julie T.

Three birthdays:
I made three 'Dutchman's Puzzle' Blocks in various colours:


For Nancy


For Tanya

Light/Dark Green

For Claire

I made a 'Dresden Plate' Block in lilac/green

For Christina

I made a 'Disappearing Four Patch' Block in brown/sand/white

For Gerd

Three birthdays:
I made a 'Pinwheels' Block in pink

For Clare

A 'Broken Dishes Block in light blue

For Jill

and an 'Ohio Star' Block in lilac/light green

For Julie R.

Only my own birthday so I am waiting to see all the blocks that I receive before making a block for myself.

No birthdays in August!

No birthdays in September!

Two birthdays:
I made two 'Fireworks' Blocks one in baby blue and cream

For Eva

the other in powder blue and pink

For Janne

Two birthdays:
I made two 'Jacob's Ladder' Blocks one in blue/pale pink

For Annabella

and the other in red/cream

For Carol

No birthdays in December!

Received blocks:

From Julie T.

From Nancy

From Annabella

From Jill

From Eva

From Janne

From Clare

From Claire

From Gerd

From Christina

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