Saturday 20 July 2013

A couple more framed embroideries!

I really seem to be going through an 'embroidery' phase at the moment.  It is just so enjoyable to be able to sit in the garden listening to the birds singing and be stitching away in the sunshine.

These two fun little embroideries were really quick to make.  Having seen a few 'owl' patterns around on the internet for inspiration, I drew a basic owl outline and just added the details myself.  I didn't really draw the design details onto the fabric, I just added stitches here and there where I thought they were needed.

I did the same with this butterfly.  They were really fun and easy to make.  I think the best thing about making small embroidery pictures like these is that so little equipment is required to get started.  Just a small piece of fabric, a hoop, needle and some threads! Why don't you give it a try?

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  1. You seem to be having a bit of an 'owl' spell too!! I really like your little designs, they are both very cute. It must be lovely sitting outside doing your embroidery!


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