Monday 24 February 2014

Getting ready for SPRING!

I was reminded the other day when I was reading a very interesting blog post concerning photography, written by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly Designs that, prior to starting the Girls Own Stitching Club project 'Le Jardin' Quilt, Bronwyn had published several other free patterns you could use to get practising your stitches.

One of these was a really gorgeous Easter Sampler.  I had printed it out ready to make but, unfortunately, did not get round to stitching it in time for Easter 2013 (not even started!)  So, when I saw a photo of it on her blog recently, I thought I'd get the instructions out and get started on it ready for Easter 2014!!

Here it is all ready to go!  It makes me feel like we're getting ready for Spring!!

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