Wednesday 12 March 2014

Repairs can be fun!

Do you have a favourite pair of jeans?  I do!  Over the last couple of months there has been a lot of dusty, dirty work to do sorting out the garage and packing up in readiness to move and, my poor favourite pair of jeans has taken a bit of a battering!!  As a result, they had a hole in the knee and I had managed to catch a back pocket on something sharp and make a tear. I didn't really want to throw them away just yet as there will probably be some more dusty work to do at the other end of the move, unpacking.  So I had a think about how I could repair them instead.

I decided to appliqué some heart shapes over the hole/tear.  Firstly, I ironed some fusible interfacing to the back of the worn/torn areas so that they were reinforced.  I traced some heart shapes onto the paper side of some fusible web and fused the shapes to the fabrics I had chosen for the repairs.  I cut out the shapes, peeled off the paper and fused the hearts onto my jeans in the relevant places.  As I still want to be able to wash the jeans, I then finished off the edges with a buttonhole stitch.  It didn't take very long and was fun!

I wouldn't wear them out to dinner but they are great for working in the house!!


  1. Good idea!! You could easily wear them out

    Good idea! They look good enough to wear out ...maybe not to a posh dinner, but okay for McD!

    1. Actually, I did wear them to a friend's house for dinner recently! :)


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