Saturday 24 September 2016

TAST Week Fifty-Six: Lock Stitch and Double Lock Stitch

This week there are two stitches for the TAST Challenge hosted by Sharon Boggon at Pin TangleLock Stitch and Double Lock Stitch.  I hadn't heard of them before but they were fairly straight forward to learn.  You can find Sharon's excellent tutorial for them here.

This week I used perle cotton thread in a single colour for both stitches.  I could tell that they were the sort of stitch that would need a heavier thread than I usually use.

I filled the inside of my up and down buttonhole circle from last time with the two stitches. The double lock stitch is the light lilac thread at the bottom of the circle and the simple lock stitch is at the top in pink.

I liked these stitches and I like the texture they have added to my sampler.

PS. For some strange reason I am having trouble linking to Sharon's website at the moment but hopefully the links will work eventually. 


  1. Hi Christine ,wow this is so pretty and your stitches are so perfect,well done xx

  2. Sehr schöne Stiche und vor allem ganz präzise ausgeführt! Ich bin immer wieder von deinem schönen Mustertuch begeistert!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished and along with the previous one! Have a nice week! Ariadna.

  4. Beautifully stitched, as always, Christine, and your circles are now amazing: a sort of exceptionally decorative set of cog wheels, like an elegant 18th century clock, but then coloured.

  5. Lovely stitches and so beautifully done! The circles are looking so cool!

  6. Beautifully done again this week !

  7. Awesome stitching again this week. This is coming along so well.


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