Thursday 27 October 2016

More free-motion quilting.....

Still not much in the way of stitching done here the last few days.  I have finished one of the secret projects which I am really pleased with.  It will now have to be wrapped and posted off.  I can't show you the finished project yet but I will give you another sneak peek.... this is how I decorated the hoop which frames it.....

And I added a cute little button too.....

I haven't summoned up the courage to start quilting the other secret project yet.... I am still practising my free motion quilting and, just on cue, Lori Kennedy of 'The Inbox Jaunt' is currently holding a sunflower quilt-a-long which I am following along with.  This week is week three but, it would be easy to catch up if you wanted to follow along too.

So far we have marked out the fabric ready for adding the quilting, quilted the centre of the sunflower and then added some petals.  I have made two versions.  For the first I chose a piece of hand-dyed fabric which I won in a giveaway from Magpie's Mumblings last year.  I thought it would be perfect as a sunflower but it wasn't as large as the fabric piece recommended for the QAL and I struggled with squeezing in the second set of petals, so I started with a second quilt sandwich which is slightly larger.

You had the option to either outline the central oval and then quilt in towards the centre or to start in the centre and quilt out, so I did one of each.  All good practice before I start on my quilt! I am very happy with how they are both are shaping up and I am looking forward to the next step.


  1. cool is that! Never would have dreamt that fabric would be adorned with a sunflower! Love it.

  2. Love the wrapping and the colour! The sunflower looks amazing - you are so clever!

  3. Liebe Christine,
    das Maschinen Quilting ist dir sehr sehr gut gelungen! Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf dein Geheimprojekt!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Ja Maschinequilten ist nicht so einfach. Mir fällt das auch total schwer und ich traue es mir bei großen Werken nicht zu.
    Und auf dein geheimes Projekt bin ich auch schon sehr gespannt!

    Gruß Marion

  5. These look wonderful to me... It's not an easy technique, and I totally agree it requires nothing but practice, practice and practice. I'm sure your secret project will look fantastic; once your start it will be easier... I have been there recently ;-) -and with just walking-foot quilting!. Have a nice weekend! Ariadna.

  6. Oooh! You are doing well! That looks really tricky to me. I'm so glad you pointed us in Lori's direction again, I'd love to try FMQ but I'd have to use pins or basting as I don't like the idea of the aerosol adhesive.
    Looking forward to seeing the secret project!
    Have a great weekend!
    Barbara xx

  7. Nice quilting! I like both flowers a lot!

  8. that's looking fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing the secret project!

  9. You are really honing your skills - the sunflower is looking fantastic.

  10. I can't wait to see your finished product, because your FMQ skills are amazing. :)

  11. Both your sunflowers look terrific from here, but the bottom one is really good. Perhaps you practising has improved the quilting. Well done on both.

  12. The secret project looks exciting...and I love the little button! Your free motion stitching is looking very impressive,a fantastic sunflower!
    Helen xox

  13. The sunflower looks terrific Christine and you have us wondering about the secret project, must be flowery being green and with the `garden´ tag.

  14. Looks awesome! I've learned Sew much from Lori, not to mention gaining confidence and control!


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