Wednesday 30 November 2016

Progress on my new Christmas Quilt....

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a new Christmas quilt that I had started.  It is a free project called 'Winter Wandering' and is a blog hop between four designers.

The first block was designed and posted by Ellie of Ellie's Quiltplace and features a very cute snowman.  You can also find all the details for piecing together the final quilt on Ellie's blog. I have added his red border this week!

I have also finished the second block, which was designed by Els at Bobbin and is a perfect Christmas scene with stockings galore!  If you have seen the pattern, you may notice that there is a stocking missing from my block. That is because I printed the pattern out too large for the background fabric.... I should have checked before I appliqued the trees!!  So I adjusted by missing out one of the stockings!

Actually, I also made a mistake with the first block too!  As I don't have any metric quilting rulers I was converting the cm dimensions into inches which is fine, except that I was so concentrated on making sure that I made an accurate conversion, I forgot to add on the seam allowances!  I am not sure yet how I will piece the different sized blocks together but I am sure I can make it work!!

The third block is a very sweet reindeer design by Gail Pan.  Isn't he adorable? I finished stitching him last night.  A very pretty little stitchery and some appliqued holly.... perfect!

I'm looking forward to the last block now so that I can get the quilt finished and quilted in time to hang up with my other decorations!

I am linking this post to the last 'Patchwork with Stitchery' SAL link up over at Martina's blog, 'Sunshine Quilting'. I haven't linked up every month but I have really enjoyed the sew-a-long.... thank you very much Martina! 


  1. Your blocks are lovely.
    I love the red border around it.
    Marja 🌲🌲🌲

  2. Wunder-wunderschön, Danke für die Links, ich werde mich sofort damit beschäftigen!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ich liebe diese Kombinationen aus Gepatchtem, Gesticktem und Aplikationen. Wunder-wunderschön deine Arbeiten liebe Christine, ich bin hin und weg.
    Jetzt sehe ich mir mal die Links an, Weihnachten kommt ja schließlich jedes Jahr.

    Liebe Grüße und eine schöne Adventszeit wünscht dir

  4. What beautiful work! I'm enjoying seeing Christmas things being crafted. Maybe it will inspire me.

  5. Oh ow wonderful! Love your version of the blocks and I am sure you will find a good way to put them all together. Look Forward to see it soon, hugs martina

  6. So sweet and well done ! :o))

    I have some puzzeling with te second block too
    for fit it all between te trees ( pffff...) :o)

  7. Liebe Christine,
    das sind ja wieder zauberhafte Stickereien. Das Rentier von Gail Pan gefällt mir besonders gut, da bekomme ich direkt wieder Lust, etwas zu sticken.
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Du hast schon wieder alles ferrtig! Die sind so wunderbar!

    Gruß Marion

  9. Beautiful work! I am sure you will sort out those small measurement issues...I often find things like that happen but solving them makes you extra creative :) Love the sweet effects you have created here, it will be such a lovely Christmas quilt.
    Helen xox

  10. Your blocks all look wonderful, Christine. I hadn't even noticed you were a stocking short on block 2. For block 1, you could re-do the red border by making them a little larger. xx

  11. My favourite is the stockings - reminds me of the Grinch (which is my favourite Christmas show). Great fun!

  12. Beautiful work Christine, xx I received your package, hopefully yours get there soon. xx

  13. These are darling Christine! Thank you for the link. I love the reindeer so much I've decided to scrap the one I started and use Gail's pattern - yay!

  14. Christine, these are all adorable! (Would a larger border on the first block work? So all of the blocks would be the same size when you sew them all together? I look forward to seeing how your creative mind meets the challenge!)

  15. These are so cute! Love the charming designs and your beautiful stitching!

  16. Seriously cute! What fun blocks these are!

  17. I've been there, with the cm to inches and viceversa thing... although I had all my rulers in cm and the patterns in inches! It was something I fixed quickly - by buying rulers in inches, of course ;-) All the blocks look gorgeous, and your embroidery is so fine! Have a nice weekend, Ariadna.

  18. You are so fast, you are already up to date, and I bet you will have another beautiful finish just in time for Christmas.

  19. These are adorable blocks. Your photos show off your many talents - needlework, piecing, appliqué - all well done!

    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying this project.... hope I an get the quilt finished in time for Christmas! Christine x


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