Monday 3 April 2017

A couple more circles completed....

I am still busy working on my wool circles in between other projects and have managed to complete the embroidery on two more circles.

There are now ten of the circle sets decorated out of the twelve that I have added to the background fabric which makes up the little wall hanging.

The first of the two I have recently completed is embellished with (from outer edge to centre) buttonholed cable chain stitch (the base cable chain stitch worked in perle cotton (8) and the buttonholing worked in variegated fine silk thread); twisted fly stitch (worked in coton a broder); fly stitch (worked in variegated fine silk thread) and colonial knots (worked in variegated fine silk thread).

The second of the two newly embellished circles is decorated with (from outer edge to centre) tete de boeuf stitch (worked in variegated fine silk thread); beaded whipped chain stitch (worked in perle cotton (8)) and finally, a whipped woven circle using pistil stitches for the spokes (worked in variegated fine silk thread).

I am really looking forward to finishing off the last two circle sets and completing the little quilt with some textural stitching in the background.


  1. Liebe Christine,
    gerade erst ist mir aufgefallen, wir machen ja beide Kreise, deine Kreise gefallen mir zur Zeit viel besser, als meine, aber das wird sich bessern.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I love the subtlety of the variegated thread you used in the centre of the first circle you showed; I never have much success with variegated thread!

  3. Das sieht wieder sehr hübsch aus!

  4. This is very pretty, I like the twisted fly stitch!

    1. Thank you Annet! I am having a lot of fun with this project! Christine x

  5. My favorite things ever Christine! They are just darling.

  6. I absolutely adore this project Christine - it's wonderful and looks amazing (and STILL makes me feel hungry!!).

  7. I love them. Can't believe you only have 2 to go. It is going to be a perfect little project

  8. Gorgeous work Christine, just love the colours and pretty thread. perfect combination.

  9. I just love to see your stitches, Christine!
    You have such clever ideas ..... I couldn't see the variegated stitches as fly stitches until I read your description of them! The variegated thread, and the way you placed the fly stitches, made them look really unusual!
    Wow, your beaded whipped chain stitch is gorgeous!
    Barbara x