Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Hello 2019!!

Hello and Happy New Year 2019!!  It has been a while since I wrote, so I do have to warn you this is quite a long post as I have lots of news to catch up with!!

Sophie Lila a few hours old

The first and very exciting news, was the birth of my first grandchild.... a beautiful baby girl, Sophie.  She is the sweetest little thing, born at the end of November to my son and his lovely wife and, weighing in at 6lbs 10oz.  She has already grown a lot since then and, we were lucky enough to spend time with her, as well as lots of other family over the Christmas period.  It was lovely to see everyone!

Sophie Lila 2 January 2019

The second piece of news is not exciting but rather sad, as well as welcoming Sophie into the World we also said 'good-bye' to my mother-in-law on 9 December.  She passed away peacefully at the marvellous age of 90.  As one light comes on, another goes out.... the natural circle of life.

Margaret on her 90th Birthday in March 2018

My news perhaps explains an absence from here and also a little bit of a lack of stitching. However, I did manage to finish a few projects at the end of 2018.

Two finished quilts

The first things I managed to finish were two of the quilts that I showed in my last post.

Sophie's Quilt

One of these was a gift for little Sophie and the other for a friend of my youngest daughter on the birth of her baby brother, Elijah.

Back of Elijah's Quilt

Elijah's Quilt

I also knitted a little cardigan for Sophie which you can see here on top of her quilt.

Sophie's Quilt and Cardigan

I made both quilts in neutral colours as I didn't know whether the babies would be girls or boys when I started them.

Third quilt nearly finished...

You may recall, that I completed piecing four quilt tops in October 2018.  As you can see, I managed to quilt and finish two of them, the third I have nearly completed and above is a photo of the quilting I have completed to date. This quilt I know is going to be for a boy and, will be the project I work on first in 2019.  The fourth quilt is all basted and ready for quilting to start and, will be my second project to start work on in 2019. Here is the pieced top.

Fourth top ready for quilting...

Well, I think that has just about caught you up with all my news but, I just wanted to leave you with this photo of some of my favourite finishes in 2018.  

Selection of my favourite finishes in 2018

I wish you all every happiness in 2019 and look forward to seeing all your beautiful creations as well as making some of my own!  

With my very best wishes 😊 xx


  1. Nice to see you back blogging! Your granddaughter is adorable! Condolences on the passing of your mother-ln-law. Your quilts came out beautifully. Love the way you quilted them.

  2. Happy New Year, Christine! Lovely first post of the new year. It’s sad that your MIL passed away, but so delightful that you have a sweet first grandchild. Sophie is beautiful. Your MIL would be so pleased! 90! Wow! And she looked so beautiful! Love your finishes, and I can see I’m really going to drool over finish number 3! Keep up the good work!

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild; what a sweetie! My grandchildren numbers 4 and 5 were also born at the end of November, on the 29th. Your finishes are all wonderful, but number 8 intrigues me most. Did you design it yourself, or is it a purchased pattern?

  4. Congratulations on your new wee Sophie ((I love her name!), but sad about your m-i-law. The ebb and flow of life, difficult as it can be at times. Your baby creations are lovely and I'm sure the wee ones must feel toasty warm all snuggled up in them. Happy New Year!

  5. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother to Sophie. She is beautiful. Sorry to hear about your mother in law. The quilts you have made a lovely. Happy New Year Christine. Hugs, Christine xx

  6. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother to sweet little Sophie , she will bring you so much joy . Your quilts are gorgeous as is the little sweater . All the best for 2019 !

  7. Your little granddaughter is adorable--congratulations! She is going to love her sweet quilt. I love all of your quilting too, all the quilts are lovely!

  8. Hi Christine Happy New Year my friend ,lots of beautiful work you have finished,well done. And congrats on your beautiful little grand daughter,so precious and special and i am so sad to hear of your MIL's passing,sending you a big hug xx

  9. Hi Christine, your new granddaughter is beautiful, and I am so happy for you. I think your quilting just gets more exquisite. You had some lovely finished quilts. I am sorry to hear about your MIL, but she looks very happy in the photo, so I'm guessing she lived a great life. Happy new year to you!

  10. Whilst Im sorry for your loss, Im thrilled that you have a granddaughter, such a wonderful gift for you all Im sure.
    And some cracking stitching going on never the less!

  11. Liebe Christine,
    erst einmal alle guten Wünsche für das neue Jahr.
    Bei Dir ist ja sehr viel passiert. Gratuliere zu Deinem Enkelkind. Sie macht Euch bestimmt sehr viel Freude und Du hast so viel Schönes genäht und gequiltet. Es ist traurig zu hören, dass Deine Schwiegermutter verstorben ist. Sicher bleiben viele schöne gemeinsame Stunden in Deiner Erinnerung.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  12. Hi Christine, Congrats on your new grandchild and on making such pretty quilts. I love the pale colours you have chosen and the quilted designs. Happy New Year to you.


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