Sunday 10 April 2022

Since my last post...

I had a bit of a quiet week as far as sewing projects were concerned the week after my last post as I was away visiting family for a few days.  However, since I got back I have been quite busy in my sewing room.

Firstly, I have been auditioning fabrics, threads and potential layouts for the SAL I have joined.  This is to make a Kantha Quilt which I have long wanted to try and is hosted by Alison Glass. I can't wait for the SAL to start now later this month.  I am happy with my choices of fabric and thread.

My little granddaughters have become very enamoured with dressing up and have been building a collection of costumes to play with. 

I wanted to contribute to their dressing up corner, so I made them my version of 'Moana'.  I hope they will enjoy playing with it. I am hoping to add more to the collection in the future too!

Lastly this week, I have started work on a special secret project.  Here is a sneak peek. I am not saying more for the moment but will show you the finished project a bit later in the year!

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend! 😊 xx


  1. Lovely fabrics and threads for your new SAL and sweet ones for the secret project.
    I’m sure your GDs will love the Moana costume.

  2. I so love the colours you've chosen although, when it comes down to it, I don't use them much myself. I don't know why because I love them! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them as well as your secret project.

  3. A beautiful selection of fabrics there and your secret

  4. Lol I hit the publish button accidently. Anyhoo , your secret project looks intetesting too. Moana, my goodness, how popular is that! My grandsons love it and now another one I can't remember the name of starting with 'E' . Lol. Your outfit is perfect for dressups. Clever you.

  5. goodluck with your SAL.......pretty fabrics and threads chosen.....
    Great work on the dressup's........
    looking forward to seeing what you do with the fabrics below.....pretty selection once again........


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