Sunday 23 October 2022

Another miscalculation and a lesson learned.....

As you can gather from the title of this post, I have managed to make another mistake with the border of my Metro Tiles Quilt.  I won't bore you with all the calculations that you had to read through in my last post but, suffice it to say that I have now learned the lesson not to try and make fabric calculations at the end of the afternoon when feeling tired!!

As I showed you last time, I had planned the original border for my Metro Tiles Quilt (a pattern designed by Gourmet Quilter) as shown in the photograph above and had then managed to miscalculate the length of the rectangular blocks and trimmed them too small.

As I had no more of the fabric (shown above) I was using for these blocks, I had to rethink the whole border and had come up with a nice design which I was happy with.  However, as I had only appliquéd two of the new blocks, I had only laid out the border along one side of the centre of the quilt (photograph shown below).

It looked like it would work perfectly but, if you count the small appliqué squares used there are five down that one side.  Now count the number of those small appliqué squares from the original plan and you will see that I only have 16 in total.  I am sure you can see where this is going.... five for each of the four sides makes 20 so I didn't have enough!!  So it was back to the drawing board and a new design (hopefully the very last) has been decided on.  Here it is...

Actually, I think that this layout is my favourite of the three and, you will see that I was sensible enough to lay all the blocks in position this time round.  As I am really happy with this last layout, I am stitching it together as quickly (but very carefully) as I can before anything else changes!!

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely, creative week! Until the next time.... 😊 xx


  1. Sew like the wind before the math police come a'callin'!!!! Seriously, it looks amazing and obviously the latest choices were meant to be.

  2. Gosh #1 looked a lot easier... congratulations for the right fit. Now nothing can go wrong.
    The problem is actually that we sit too long at the sewing work, i.e. too long at a time... Take a break, that's something I have a problem with too... When we get tired, mistakes happen.
    Hugs to you... it's going to be lovely.

    1. Thank you. I think you are right about sitting too long. It's easy to overdo things! Hugs Christine xx

  3. Oh dear! How frustrating. We all have days like that, sometimes weeks lol. Your final attempt is perfect and looks beautiful. A lot of work and brain power involved. Well done!


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