Monday 27 February 2023

Adding hand stitching.....

I haven't had a lot of time for stitching since my last finish but, I have decided to revamp another, older project.

Some while ago I completed a small project depicting one of my favourite garden plants, the Globe Thistle.  The finished project is pictured above.  However, I always felt that there was some detail missing from the project, so I have decided to add some more.

So far, I have removed the french knots that I originally added to the circumference of each of the flower heads and have started hand stitching lazy daisy flowers over the whole of the surface of the flower.

I am really pleased with how this is looking and I can't wait now to get the other two flowers finished.  

I am planning to add some other details too, so watch this space.

Until next time.... 😊


  1. Such a clever idea. Looks so lovely.

  2. A lovely textured finish on the flower.

    Maria lifeontheblock

  3. I liked the original version but this one is even better. Funny how we can think something is finished and is perfectly okay but when we muster our courage to add just that one more little detail it elevates it to something else entirely.

  4. I love your wall hanging. Especially how you have used Tilda fabric! Wink, wink! :) xx

  5. Oops! Somehow I've become anonymous! But I've fixed it now.

  6. I don't even know if I got through to you... in any case, I send you lots of greetings.

  7. Great work... I'm delighted... so beautiful.
    Many greetings from Viola

    1. Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment Viola. Lovely to have you here. Christine xx

  8. Hi Christine I always love seeing your work ,I am loving this project,well done 🌹🤍🌹

  9. Thank you Shez, that's very kind of you. Christine xx


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