FMQ Sampler Quilt 2016

Here is where I would like to share with you a quilt-as-you-go free motion sampler quilt that I am making during the course of the year.  I am following instructions from the book 'First Steps to Free Motion Quilting' written by Christina Cameli.  

I am also using some of the designs that Christina published in another of her books called 'Step-by-Step Free Motion Quilting'.

My first block is quilted with a design which Christina calls 'Leafy' and was completed in March. (You may have to click on the photograph to see the quilting more clearly).

Block two: Spirals:

Block three: Loops:

Block four: Vines:

Blocks one to four:

Block five: Strings of daisies:

Block six: Spiral vines:

Block seven: Beads on a string:

Block eight: Branching spirals:

Blocks five to eight:

Block nine: Flower power:

Block ten: Rectangular meander:

Block eleven: Marbles:

Block twelve (the final block): Combination:

Blocks nine to twelve:

Here is the finished quilt. I have had this pieced together for some time but only recently added the binding and finished it off.


  1. You got better with each block you made! That is a very beautiful quilt.

  2. They turned out so cute when you put them together.


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