Sampler Quilt

Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt

On this page I am keeping a record of the four-part quilt I am making called 'Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt'.

This quilt is designed by Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House and is featured in the magazine she publishes called Vignette.

The first block appears in issue 10 of Vignette and the following blocks will appear in the next three issues.

Block One

Block Two

The second block appears in issue 11 of Vignette.

Block Three

Block three appears in issue 12 of Vignette.

Block four has not been released but as I wanted to get this quilt finished, I have finished it my own way making it into a long wall hanging.  I free motion quilted it and I am pleased with the result.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Marsha! I am really excited to get this quilt finished now! :) x

  2. Have you heard when we might be finally receiving Issue 13 and Block Four?!! I'd be happy with just the pattern to finish the quilt off!!

    1. Sorry Barb, I have no connection with the magazine other than making this project from it, so I have no idea I am afraid. Christine x


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