Splendid Sampler 2016

Here I will be sharing with you my completed blocks from the Splendid Sampler Challenge. For more information on the Splendid Sampler Challenge you can visit the blog page here.

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My first block for this challenge is the bonus block which was designed by Pat Sloan and is called the 'Moda Shuffle Block'.  Here is my version:

Block One: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Hearts Aflutter': I made two versions:

Block Two: Designed by Jane Davidson: 'Wings':

Block Three: Designed by Melissa Corry: 'Lots of Love':

Block Four: Designed by Jen Kingwell: 'Happy Happy':

Block Five: Designed by Celine Perkins: 'Simple Simon':

Block Six: Designed by Natalia Bonner: 'Focal Point':

Block Seven: Designed by Amy Sinibaldi: 'Snug as a Bug':


Block Eight: Designed by Julie Karasek: 'Friends Around the Square':

Block Nine: Designed by Jane Davidson: 'Local Quilt Shop':

Block Ten: Designed by Sherri McConnell: 'Iowa':

Bonus Block: Designed by Pat Sloan and released for National Quilt Day: 'Just for You':

Block Eleven: Designed by Alyssa Thomas: 'Crocheted Thoughts':

Easter Bonus Block: Designed by Jane Davidson: 'Easter':

Block Twelve: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Checkerboard':

Bonus Block: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Inside Out Log Cabin':

Block Thirteen: Designed by Corey Yoder: 'Scrap Stars':

Block Fourteen: Designed by Janet Clare: 'Flying High':

Block Fifteen: Designed by Janice Ryan: 'Family Affair':

Block Sixteen: Designed by Lindsay Mayland: 'Pieces of Friendship':

Block Seventeen: Designed by Kimberly Jolly: 'Family Stars':

Block Eighteen: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Lina's Gift':

Block Nineteen: Designed by Jane Davidson: 'Measure Twice, Cut Once':

Block Twenty: Designed by Vicki Tucek: 'Nature's Walk':

Bonus Block: Designed by Cheryl Arkison for 'Earth Day':

Block Twenty-One: Designed by Kris Thurgood: 'Sweet Candy':

Block Twenty-Two: Designed by Amy Smart: 'Goose on the Loose':

Block Twenty-Three: Designed by Kari Carr: 'Hand in Hand':

Block Twenty-Four: Designed by Michele Foster: 'Inspector Sidekick':

Bonus Block: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Derby Day':

Block Twenty-Five: Designed by Anne Sutton: 'Sunday Best':

Block Twenty-Six: Designed by Jane Davidson: 'Dreaming of Dresdens':

Block Twenty-Seven: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Sewing Machine':

Block Twenty-Eight: Designed by Charise Randell: 'Stitching Fashion':

Block Twenty-Nine: Designed by Christa Watson: 'Scrappy Happy Heart':

Block Thirty: Designed by Amy Ellis: 'Simple Surprises':

Block Thirty-One: Designed by Jenny Reynolds: 'Blossoming':

Bonus block for Children's Day: Designed by Matthew: 'Matthew's Block':

Block Thirty-Two: Designed by Laurie Simpson: 'The Constant Needle':

Block Thirty-Three: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Selvage Saver':

Block Thirty-Four: Designed by Amy Gibson: 'Lemonade':

Block Thirty-Five: Designed by Kristyne Czepuryk: 'The Wishful Garden':

Block Thirty-Six: Designed by Jane Davidson: 'Inchy Hexagon Club':

Block Thirty-Seven: Designed by Laura Flynn: 'Dashing by Chocolate':

Block Thirty-Eight: Designed by Pam Vieira McGinnis: 'Vintage Flower Basket':

Block Thirty-Nine: Designed by Aylin Ozturk: 'Balls in the Air':

Block Forty: Designed by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson: 'Flights of Fancy':

Block Forty-One: Designed by Jennifer Mathis: 'Sew South':

Block Forty-Two: Designed by Jane Davidson: 'Pencils':

Block Forty-Three: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Pincushion Love':

Block Forty-Four: Designed by Gail Pan: 'Stitch in the Garden':

Block Forty-Five: Designed by Frances Newcombe: 'Sewing Nut':

Bonus Block: Designed by Jacquelynne Steves: 'Summer Flip Flopping':

Block Forty-Six: Designed by Sarah J Maxwell: 'Twirl Time':

Block Forty-Seven: Designed by Geta Gamma: 'Circle of Love':

Block Forty-Eight: Designed by Faith Jones: 'Whim':

Block Forty-Nine: Designed by Karla Eisenach: 'Summer's Gift':

At this point you will notice that my blocks go out of sequence.... this is because I moved house and was unable to make the blocks as they were published. I then caught up as I could and I decided the most efficient way to do this was to make blocks of a similar style together, that is, all the applique, all the pieced blocks, etc.... I started with the applique blocks....

Bonus Block: Designed by Pat Sloan to celebrate the halfway point of the Challenge:
 'Top of the Hill':

Block Fifty-Two: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Coneflower':

Bonus Block: Designed by American Patchwork and Quilting:
 'One Million Pillowcase Challenge':

Block Fifty-Six: Designed by Jennifer Keltner: 'At Home Anywhere':

Block Sixty: Designed by Fiona Ransley: 'Hearts and Flowers':

Block Sixty-Three: Designed by Kim Christopherson: 'The Icing on the Cake':

Block Fifty-Five: Designed by Lisa Bongean: 'Dedication Rose':

Block Sixty-Eight: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Wild Roses':

October Bonus Block: Designed by Pat Sloan: 'Wonderful Pumpkin':

Block Seventy-Five: Designed by Kathy Schmitz: 'Stitch Crazy':


  1. So cute blocks. Nice color choices.

  2. Nice colors! I'm looking forward to seeing your other blocks.

  3. Beautiful! Gorgeous piecing and stitching! **sigh**

  4. Que lindo trabajo. Todos super hermosoy sus colores. Te felicito

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Sara! I was pleased with the latest block! Christine x

  6. Nearly halfway there - the quilt is going to look stunning!

    1. Thank you Lynda! Can't believe we are nearly half way through! Christine x


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