Wednesday 12 June 2013

New Books!

I just love quilting/sewing books and I have quite a number of them (too many to count!)  Some I have bought because I like the Author's designs, some because I know that they contain a specific quilt pattern that I'd like to make and others, just because I like the look of them.  It is just wonderful to leaf through the pages admiring the creative talent of the designer and drawing inspiration from the images and projects.

This morning I walked up to the village to collect my post from the post office and these two fabulous books were there waiting.  The first is called 'Stitch it for Spring' by Lynette Anderson and the other is 'Tilda's Seaside Ideas' by Tone Finnanger. Both gorgeous books filled with lots of inspirational ideas. Irresistible!!
I know there are lots of free quilt patterns and information available on the internet but there is something so very magical about browsing through a book!

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