Sunday 23 June 2013

New Placemats!

So, Summer is officially here and, we have had some very hot weather, as well as some impressive thunder storms.  In light of the start of the Summer season I thought I would give my table settings a bit of a lift and sew some new placemats.  The only ones I currently have are very old and not really suitable for Summer as the fabric I used to make them is decorated with snowmen.  This is fine for Winter and even Spring (especially this Spring!) but they are just not suitable for Summer.
I raided my fabric supplies and found some really cute fabric designed by Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals which I thought would look nice made up into placemats.  The fabrics I used come mainly from the collection called 'Buttons & Blooms' but I also used a couple that I had from the collection called 'Winterberry Lane' which combine with the others perfectly. 
They are a very simple design which I just made up myself. I managed to complete one of the mats but the other five are not quite finished.  I just need to hand stitch the binding on the back.
Whilst I was cutting out the fabric earlier in the week I had enough to cut what I needed for a matching table runner.  Here are all the strips waiting to be pieced together.  Hope to have the time to get that done this week!


  1. There was a man on the radio last week said we were heading for another ice age, so you may get plenty of use out of your snowman fabric!!
    I really like these placemats - are they owls on one of them?


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