Wednesday 30 October 2013


And I am not referring to 'Ordinary Wizarding Levels'! I am referring to the crocheted type!  Two more fluffy little fellows have been made (well, I needed something to crochet in the evenings now that my blanket is finished!)

The first is this cute little chap which I made using the same tutorial from Hopscotch Lane as I have previously used.  I made him for a friend and he is now on his way to the UK.  Hope he likes his new home.  At least I know he will be well looked after!

The next is this rather larger version which I made using the pattern which appeared in a recent edition of  'Love Crochet' magazine. I bought the magazine whilst I was in the UK in September.  He is for my mum.  She saw him on the front cover of the magazine when I was staying with her and decided that she needed to have one.  I hope she likes him!!


  1. Loving the little owl you sent me. He's helping to fill my empty nest!! Thank you xxx

  2. I expect a big fat owl in the post shortly ;) xxx

  3. Very cute to hoot....great projects you've shared on your blog, I look forward to coming back and spending a bit more time checking it all out.

    I used to holiday in Switzerland as a's so pretty, especially when there's snow everywhere.

    Naomi, who just took your follower amount into double digits!

    1. Hi Naomi! Thank you for your kind comments and for joining the blog! Hope you'll continue to enjoy looking at it!! Switzerland is very beautiful and the snow is just starting to arrive on the mountains!


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