Saturday, 27 February 2021

A few more little finishes this week....

It has been an absolutely fabulous week here weather-wise and it has been lovely to get outside and enjoy some sunshine on my skin.

I have also managed to finish a few more cards.  I am really enjoying making these little stitched cards and it has been very satisfying to be able to add to those I have available to choose from when I need to post one off.  

Non-essential shops are still closed here, so it is not possible to go and buy them as I normally would and, now I have started making them, I may not return to buying them from the shops!!

I also tried my hand at something different.  My son and daughter-in-law bought me a macramé kit as a gift and I finished making a little key fob.

I really enjoyed making it and I shall enjoy trying out the other projects in the kit!!

As a result of the change in temperature here and all the lovely sunshine we have had, there are a myriad of Spring flowers popping up through the grass.  So pretty to see!

Thank you for visiting! Until next time! 😊


  1. Years ago I used to make all my Christmas cards and it's rather fun now to go back to making cards again. Don't know if I'll stick with it but for now, due to lack of ability to go shopping, at least it's a way to make sure I send one. Only problem is figuring out the right amount of postage.
    Such pretty flowers - a delight to see, as I woke up to humungous (!!) snowflakes this morning.

  2. My daughter and I make all our own cards. It’s so satisfying and such a money saver. I’ve only stitched a few, though. Yours are all so lovely.

  3. Your cards are lovely and so much more personal than a store bought card . Year's ago I did some macrame , it can be a lot of fun . Hugs

  4. Greeting cards are very expensive here and your stitched ones are just gorgeous so I think it the perfect idea to have a few prepared. We all like to receive a hand made card. I also like your macrame key fob, very pretty.


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