Wednesday 10 November 2021

Since my last post....

Just popping by to show you what I have been working on since my last post.  Firstly, I have managed to add some more of the 'grouting' between the tiles of my 'Metro Tiles' project designed by Susan Claire of Gourmet Quilter.

I have also prepared and fused onto the background two more tiles ready for basting and quilting.

As I was away a few days this past week, I took some hand work with me to work on.  I finally finished the back of the 'Trio of Alliums' embroidery designed by Anne Brooke of HanneMade and now have it hanging on the wall.

I also started a new embroidery project.  This is called 'Sea Hollies' and is a kit from Beaks and Bobbins.

I am hoping that I will have some more time over the next few days to work on both my quilt and embroidery projects but I have a mountain of washing to do first!!

Have a lovely week and until next time .....😊


  1. I cannot wait to see what you do with your Sea Hollies...Someday I am going to order one of these projects and stitch with you, they are always so different than what I see around. I truly love your Alliums also! Great Job!

    1. Thank you so much Shelly! I would love to stitch along with you! Hugs Christine xx

  2. I can't tell you just how much I love that quilt! It's going to be utterly spectacular when you have it done and an heirloom beyond any doubt.
    Now I'm waiting to see the Sea Hollies evolve. If it's half as nice as the alliums, you'll have another winner.

  3. Your metro tiles are looking fabulous, Christine. Your allium hoop is beautiful. xx

  4. Lovely metro tiles and I like the way you call it grouting between them 😁
    The finished embroidery is pretty and it would look great on your wall.


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