Saturday 4 December 2021

A finished project!

Following on from my last post, I am really happy that I have had the time to finish off the little house project that I have been working on. I have added a few appliqué and hand-embroidered details to the back ground pieced/quilted block.  Including the tree and it's leaves.....

A little embroidered bee flying above the appliquéd daisies.....

A group of embroidered flowers next to the trunk of the tree.....

and finally, a little bird button to the roof....

Once all the details were completed, I was in two minds whether to make the project into a cushion or a wall hanging.  I opted for making a cushion.....

by adding an envelope backing.....

I liked the cushion but it seemed to lose a few of the hand-embroidered details at the edges when I added the cushion filler to shape the cushion. So I had a think about what I could do if I wanted to use it as a wall hanging instead.

The envelope backing looked a bit like a facing would have done if you pressed the front embroidered panel flat, so I searched my sewing room to find a small, adjustable curtain pole which I was able to push up into the envelope back until it reached the top edge of the quilted panel.

As this is only a small 'quilt' it is quite possible to just hang this on the wall on a little tack by balancing it with the pole.  

So I am really pleased because now I can use it as either a wall hanging or a cushion depending on what I would like! Win - win!!

Now back to the Christmas decorating and my metro tiles quilt! 

Have a lovely week..... 😊 xx


  1. Brilliant idea! I love your added embroidery and your little bird. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Cute house and great to be able to use it either as a wall hanging or cushion….

  3. Clever idea! Such a sweet little cottage--love the flowers and the little bird!

  4. Well done! I love all the sweet little details you added to the original.

  5. I love your cottage Christine. It is gorgeous. xx