Friday, 11 February 2022

The first post of 2022....

Hello and Happy New Year! I know that I am a bit late but it has been a busy start for me for 2022 and I haven't had much time in my sewing room so far!  I am hoping that I will put that right over the coming weeks and months!

I was away for three weeks in January which meant that I wasn't able to get into my sewing room at all.  This was a great shame as my husband had treated me to a new sewing table for Christmas which allows my sewing machine bed to be level with the table and I have been waiting very patiently (not!) to try it out as I think it will make a big difference when free motion quilting.

I did take some hand sewing projects with me while I was away.  The first was a cute little kit by Corrine Lapierre which my daughter bought me for Christmas and which was the perfect size to get stitched while I was away.  It was a cute little Highland Cow and I really enjoyed stitching it!

I also took with me another kit which I started last year designed by Beaks and Bobbins called Sea Hollies and I managed to add a little bit more stitching to it.

It's a very pretty kit and I am pleased with how it looks so far.

Since I have been back (apart from all the washing and ironing I had to catch up with) I have also had a busy week as there were birthday celebrations, a dental appointment, a hair appointment, a medical appointment and a visit with the dogs to the groomer to fit in BUT, I was determined to get into my sewing room to start a new project.

Earlier in the week I saw a pretty Spring table runner designed by a Norwegian designer called AnnaAKa on the internet and it inspired me to stop dithering and make a version of my own.

There is still work to be done on it but, I am really pleased with how it is looking so far.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I am going back to my sewing room now! 😊 xx



  1. Your new sewing table looks great Christine. I love your highland cow. He is very cute. The other stitching is coming along nicely too. Have a lovely weekend and I hope you get to spend some time at your machine. xx

  2. Love your new sewing table. Another beautiful embroidery and a really adorable highland cow. So cute! Beautiful table runner. Enjoy some free motion quilting.

  3. I've often wondered if those sewing tables were good so I am waiting for your review. I end up sitting on a pillow when I want to free motion because otherwise my neck starts to hurt. Still ends up hurting but at least it takes a little longer.
    I love the cow - and it does look like a highland. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the sea holly stitchery.

  4. What a gorgeous Highland Cow, a real fun piece of stitching and I love the new Sea Hollies pattern. Wish I could have a new sewing table too, I had one with an old sewing machine of mine years ago and what a difference it makes.


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