Sunday 27 February 2022

In my sewing room this week....

Not too much happening in my sewing room since last time but, I did attend a fabulous online zoom gathering of stitchers organised and hosted by blogger Chookyblue.  It was such a lot of fun to meet and chat with bloggers that I have followed for years. I am looking forward to the next time when I am hoping to meet more of the Australian bloggers who I think joined after I had left to go to bed!

While chatting I worked on my 'Sea Hollies' embroidery kit.  This kit is designed by Amy Butcher and is part of the Beaks and Bobbins range.

I am really pleased with how it is looking.  Such a lot of beautiful detail in the design.

Until next time 😊 xx


  1. Your embroidery is very pretty!
    I re-joined the Zoom meeting when I got up in the morning yesterday. The Australian girls where there then + the German girls :-)

  2. love the closeup photos of your stitchery...that's the grat thing about blogs...wonderful to meet you on zoom...i too met on zoom people whose blogs i had been is so much fun...

    1. Thank you for visiting Grace, it was lovely to meet you too. Hope to see you again soon. Christine xx

  3. Your stitched project is lovely , can't wait to see it finished . I remember the name chookyblue from my blogging days , sometimes I think I should start up again .

  4. It was good to meet you in Zoom. Your project is very pretty and coming along nicely.

  5. So lovely to meet you Christine......

  6. So sorry I missed you on Saturday Christine. It would have been so lovely to actually talk to you in person after all these years of chatting online. Next time! Your Sea Hollies is looking lovely. xxx

  7. Such a beautiful embroidery design! I just went and peeked at some of their other ones and they're all so pretty.

  8. I missed you!!! I was only on for an hour unfortunately. Next time! Love your embroidery.


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