Monday 25 November 2013

Forgotten Embroidery

At the weekend, when I was busy tidying up my sewing bits and pieces to make space to sit and plan my new projects, I uncovered two little embroideries that I had traced onto background fabric from sketches I had drawn and then had completely forgotten about!

So, I set to work and embroidered one of them.  It is a little garden scene.

I had sketched it at the same time as I drew my 'frog' embroidery which I finished earlier on in the year. 

I also used the yarn wrapping technique which I used for my 'autumn' embroidery (an idea from the book Hoop-La by Kirsty Neale) to finish off the wooden hoop it is framed in.  This time, instead of using knitting yarn, I used a variegated green cotton pearl embroidery thread.  It has given a very pretty finish to the hoop and I am really pleased with the overall look.

The second embroidery is a beach scene which I now have all hooped up ready to stitch.  It seems a bit strange to think about stitching 'the beach' when there is snow on the ground outside but, it I am keen to finish it off before it gets lost again with my notes and plans for my next projects!!