Friday 15 November 2013

New Books!

I've just received a parcel with some lovely new books that I ordered recently.  The first two are by Lynette Anderson, an Australian designer who I am particularly fond of.  I already have several other books by Lynette and they are always full of fun projects and beautiful stitcheries.  I know I am going to find something nice to make, especially as the 'Stitch it for Christmas' book has arrived just in time to make some cute decorations.  The other book you can see in the photo is called 'Stitch it for Autumn'.  It is Lynette's latest book and it also contains some really pretty projects.  I'm looking forward to browsing through them both properly and making a list of things I'd like to make from them.

This next book is one that I was really attracted to because of the quilt on the front cover.  Something about that quilt made me want to buy this book.  It is called 'Fast, Flirty and Fun: Easy Quilts from Fabulous Fabrics'.  I have not been disappointed by the quilts inside the book either!  The author, Sarah M. Bisel has really put together some very pretty, original and fun quilts.  It will be difficult to pick out which one to make first!


  1. Your poor bookshelf must be buckling under the strain!!

    1. Well it is true to say that I have quite a number of books!

    2. understatement of the year...

    3. I don't know what you mean Alexander!


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