Wednesday 6 November 2013

My favourite type of recycling...

Every once in a while my husband receives advertising gift items from suppliers through work.  If they are notepad related, he often asks me if I would like them as he knows I use a lot of paper writing down ideas and lists!!  Usually the notepads are very ordinary and they just get used up and the remnants put in the bag with the other paper for recycling.

However, fairly recently, he was given a notepad in a neat little plastic wallet.  He passed it on to me as usual and, I used the notepaper but, this time I was loathe to throw out the plastic wallet, so I thought I would recycle it in my own way and then buy a new notepad to put in it.

I made a cover for it.  Firstly, I hand embroidered the little label that I wanted to stitch on the front and then I found some pretty fabrics from my collection to use to make up the cover.  The dotty fabric is designed by Sweetwater and the other print is designed by Lynette Anderson (both have been in my collection for a while so I'm not sure if you would still be able to obtain them)

I'm happy with the results and I am pleased to have been able to recycle the plastic cover which would otherwise just have been thrown away!


  1. You're amazing!!

  2. What a nice thing to do! I expect it will get lots of use xx

    1. Thanks Janet! Yes, it is already getting plenty of use!! ;)


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