Friday 20 December 2013

A couple of early Christmas presents!

I have a small confession to make... I'm afraid that I just couldn't resist ordering myself a couple of early Christmas presents! Two new books arrived at the Post Office this morning.  They are both beautiful and full of inspiration!

The first is 'Doodle Stitching' by Aimee Ray.  This book was published a little while ago and I have been having a real fight with myself whether I really needed to add it to my collection or not.  In the end I decided that I did need it and, I am really pleased that I did!!  The book is a lovely collection of simple embroidery stitches and ideas.  I haven't had the chance to look at it properly yet... may be later with a nice cup of tea?!! However, from the brief look through that I have had, I can already tell that I am going to enjoy it and, be inspired to make all sorts of new stitchery projects!

The second is the latest 'Tilda' book 'Tilda's Winter Delights'.  I just love Tone Finnanger's style and this book is full of the most beautiful photographs which are tremendous inspiration in themselves.  There are lots of cute projects too.  I definitely think that I may have to put a visit to Norway on my bucket list, I just love the Scandinavian colours and style!!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you all have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and wish you all the very best for 2014!


  1. Lucky they've arrived - you must be a bit short on sewing books!!!


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