Monday 9 December 2013

My finished 'Beach' scene

Happily this past week I have had time to finish off my little 'Beach' scene and, I am pleased to say it is hanging up in my shower room, complimenting the other decorations in there.  It is actually hanging on the back of the door, not standing on this shelf but, I couldn't get a good photograph of it in that position because it is a room with no natural light.  This means I have to have the light on and then I get reflections on the glass of the picture.

In the end, I didn't only add some ric-rac to embellish the embroidery and change the shape to create a picture that would fit into a rectangular frame, I also added some blue stripey (Tilda) fabric to the bottom edge and some prairie points (the little triangles of fabric).  I like how the yellow ric-rac emphasises the sun and the blue the sea.  I also like how the prairie points repeat the shape of the beach huts.  

All in all, I am very happy with how it has turned out and, it adds some extra colour to my tiny shower room!


  1. Another nice little scene! I like all the extras you've added.

    1. Thanks Janet. I was pleased with how this turned out! :)


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