Wednesday 4 December 2013

Three little pouches!

Just in time for posting off so they arrive before Christmas, I have managed to finish sewing three little pouches. One is going to be included in a Christmas parcel but the other two are birthday gifts for a friend and a family member who celebrate birthdays in December.

I made them using 'Tilda' fabrics and the pattern I used was this tutorial by 'A Spoonful of Sugar' who describe the little pouch as a pencil case.  They would be great for keeping a pen and pencil in your handbag.  The pens and pencils in my handbag all get lost at the bottom and I can never find them!! However, they would also be great for keeping a packet of tissues and a few items of make up in or your phone. I just hope that the recipients will like them and find a good use for them!!

I'm off to wrap them all up and pop them in the post!!


  1. I am guessing that I know who one of them will be sent I will get to see it for real! They all look good! xx

    1. Thanks Janet but its not the birthday girl you are thinking of!!


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