Friday 3 January 2014

First finished project of 2014!

It is always hard to squeeze in a little stitching time over the Christmas and New Year period.  It is fun to visit family and to have friends and family come here to visit but, I do always miss the quiet time I usually have to spend sewing or crocheting.  So, I am really pleased that I have managed to find a few moments to finish off the scarf that I started last year.

As you may recall, I used this pattern which was posted by Sandra of Cherry Heart but I didn't follow Sandra's instructions to the letter.  I made the colour blocks smaller, creating a more stripey effect by changing the wool colour every ten rows.  I haven't joined the ends together to make the scarf into a cowl either. I have left it as a scarf and added a fringe at either end.

It is nice to have it finished and I'm looking forward to wearing it in the cold Winter months of January and February.  I'm also pleased to have my first finished project of 2014.  I hope you can all find a few minutes of time to do something you enjoy today!!


  1. Love your version with the stripes and the tassels. Great colours too. Thanks also for the shout out - much appreciated! :)

    S x

    1. Thank you Sandra both for the lovely comment and the inspiration!!


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